January 8th

ISO 13485:2012 Certificate

Pi-Medical Ltd acquired ISO 13485:2012 certification by TuV Austria Hellas

January 21st

Newsletter 01/2012

Pi-Medical Ltd welcomes you to the first newsletter for 2012 and wishes everyone a creative year. Our company, within the framework of the global economic and developmental crisis, continues to develop its products in the field of oncology with constancy and responsibility.

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December 12th, 2011

EUROSTARS - CEIROS - Cutting Edge Interventional Radiooncology Optimization Software

PI-Medical Ltd received a EUROSTARS grant. The project started in November 2011 and will run for 2 years.

August 23rd

Software Developer/Engineer position openning

PI-Medical has an immediate opening for a Software Developer/Engineer.

July 26th

BiopSee® – transperineal stereotactic navigated prostate biopsy

In the recent years, prostate cancer was the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. Currently secure diagnosis

June 6th

Optimization technology in noise barriers design

Innovative optimization technology developed by Pi-Medical used for noise barriers design.

January 18th

A detailed dosimetric comparison between manual and inverse plans in HDR intracavitary/interstitial cervical cancer brachytherapy

A study on the dosimetric comparison between manual and inverse plans in HDR intracavitary/interstitial cervical cancer brachytherapy was published in the last issue of the J.

October 14th, 2010

Radiobiological evaluation of the influence of dwell time modulation restriction in HIPO optimized HDR prostate brachytherapy implants

A study on the effect of dwell time restiction on the optimized prostate brachytherapy implants was published in the last issue of the J. of Contemporary Brachytherapy.

September 30th

Nucletron B.V., MedCom GmbH and Pi-Medical Ltd. sign cooperation

(Veenendaal, 28 September 2010) Nucletron and MedCom GmbH & Pi-Medical Ltd, today signed a license agreement for the next generation seeds treatment planning module of Oncentra Prostate.

BiopSee® at DGU 2010

DGU 2010 - Düsseldorf, Germany 22. - 25. September 2010. 62.

September 3rd

BiopSee® at ESTRO 2010 - A single system for total prostate cancer diagnosis & focal therapy plan

BiopSee® is going to be presented during the Industrial Exhibition at ESTRO Annual Congress: ESTRO 29  - 12th to 16th September 2010 Barcelona, Spain.

August 9th

ISO 9001:2008 certification

Pi Medical's Quality Management system, is now certified to the new ISO 9001:2008 standard by TUV Austria Hellas.

May 21st

High dose rate brachytherapy optimization based on the generalized equivalent uniform dose

The result of cooperation between Pi Medical and University of Texas Health Science Center on biologically-based optimization, has been accepted for presentation as an oral communication in ESTRO 29, to be held in Barcelona, Spain from 12-16 September 2010.

May 5th

Nucletron launched brachytherapy information web site

Nucletron launched a new informational web site for patients and healthcare practitioners, .

January 26th

Inverse planning technology for image-guided cervical cancer brachytherapy

The results of a study on the application of inverse planning technology for cervical cancer brachytherapy were publlished in Radiotherapy and Oncology entitled: " New inverse planning technology for image-guided cervical cancer brachytherapy: Description and evaluation within a clinical frame ".

October 27th, 2009

First HDR brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer recently performed in Helsinki

In September 2009, the Docrates Clinic in Helsinki treated its first prostate cancer patient with HDR brachytherapy. The entire process was planned, monitored and modulated using Oncentra Prostate treatment planning software.

June 1st

Oral presentations related to Pi Medical's inverse planning algorithms will be delivered at World Congress

Two oral presentations, summarizing findings related to Pi Medical's inverse planning algorithms will be delivered at the World Congress of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering  2009 being held Sept. 7 -12 in Munich, Germany.

May 22nd

Results of HIPO evaluation presented at GEC-ESTRO 2009 & ABS Annual Meeting 2009

Results of HIPO evaluation were presented by two independent institutions at GEC/ESTRO/ISORT Europe Conference, held at Porto, Portugal, May 13-16, 2009. The abstracts are published in Radiotherapy & Oncology vol. 91 (1), 2009. Another study was presented in ABS Annual Meeting, held at Toronto, Ont., Canada May 31 - June 2, 2009.

May 11th

BiopSee trademark registered by Pi Medical Ltd and MedCom GmbH

Pi Medical and Medcom registered the trademark BiopSee ® in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.This trademark will be used for a new, advanced technology system for prostate cancer diagnosis.

February 16th

First patient treated using Oncentra GYN

The Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT) announced that Addenbrooke's Hospital was the first hospital to purchase and use Oncentra GYN. The first patient was treated last week.

December 15th, 2008

A new version of HIPO presented at IMA Workshop

A new version of HIPO, able to handle constraints related to the quality of the plan (e.g. COIN index), was presented at IMA Hot Topics Workshop “Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization: Algorithmic Advances and Applications”, Nov. 17-21, 2008, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Nucletron launches Oncentra GYN

Nucletron launched Oncentra GYN , a product developed by Pi Medical and MedCom, in a special event during the World Congress of Brachytherapy.


April 18th

Oncentra GYN gets FDA market clearance

After the positive responce of the FDA and the corresponding 510(k) clearence, Oncentra GYN can be legally marketed in the USA. 

January 5th

Oncentra Prostate user meeting

The 1st International Real-Time HDR prostate (Oncentra Prostate) User Meeting, organized by Nucletron, was succesfully held at Athens, 24-26/1/2008. 

November 30th, 2006

SWIFT v.3.0

A set of tools for dose optimization (DVH optimization & DVH Shaper) and inverse planning (HIPO), were released with the SWIFT v.3.0 (Oncentra Prostate) by Pi-Medical.

September 17th, 2005

New algorithm

A new algorithm for inverse treatment planning optimization, called HIPO was developed by Pi-Medical and will be presented at the 8th Biennal ESTRO Meeting (Lisboa,24-29 Sept.2005).

June 30th

PROSOMA release

PROSOMA, a new 3D virtual simulation for external beam radiation therapy is now available by Pi-Medical.

December 8th, 2003

Pi-Medical is ISO certified

Pi-Medical, after a successful audit by TUV Austria Hellas, receives EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

June 20th

New system for HDR prostate treatment

SWIFT, a new system for HDR prostate treatment, developed by Pi-Medical and MedCom, is now available by Nucletron.