DVH Shaper

DVH Shaper is a real time, interactive tool, which enables users to interact with the optimization engine, either VBO or HIPO (DVHO), directly through the DVH graphs.

It offers a user-friendly interface to allow for interactive optimization while considering dose or weight penalties, or importance factors. The user simply sets the adaptation of a DVH curve for any target or organ at risk. The system then takes care of the mathematics itself.

DVH Shaper, in combination with the ‘history’ and ‘lock’ functions, offers a unique and secure platform for interactive DVH-based optimization, minimizing the learning curve for the user.

The first commercial release of DVH Shaper was launched with Nucletron's Oncentra Prostate  version 2.0 in 2004 and  is also available in versions 3.0 and 3.1 of this product, as well as in Oncentra GYN launched in 2008.



An example of DVH Shaper use: First the current plan is is 'locked' to ensure that the results will not be lost during the try-error procedure, then it is optimized using HIPO (DVHO) and finally the DVH curve of the target (PTV) is 'shaped' to achieve a better coverage.