BiopSee® – transperineal stereotactic navigated prostate biopsy

In the recent years, prostate cancer was the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. Currently secure diagnosis
confirmation is done by atransrectal biopsy and following histopathological examination. Conventional transrectal
biopsy success rates are rather low with ca. 30% detection upon the first and ca 20% after re-biopsy. The paper presents
anovel system for stereotactic navigated prostate biopsy. The approach results into higher accuracy, reproducibility
and unrestricted and effective access to all prostate regions. Custom designed ultrasound, new template design and
integrated 2-axes stepper allows superior 2D and 3D prostate imaging quality and precise needle navigation. DICOM
functionality and image fusion enable to import pre-operative datasets (e.g. multiparametric MRI, targets etc.) and over-lay all available radiological information into the biopsy planning and guiding procedure. The biopsy needle insertion
itself is performed under augmented reality ultrasound guidance. Each procedure step is automatically documented in
order to provide quality assurance and permit data re-usage for the further treatment. First clinical results indicates
success rates of ca. 70% by first biopsies by our approach.

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