EUROSTARS - CEIROS - Cutting Edge Interventional Radiooncology Optimization Software

PI-Medical Ltd received a EUROSTARS grant. The project started in November 2011 and will run for 2 years.
The goal of the project is to develop an innovative application for pre-planning of brachytherapy procedure with a radiobiological optimizer. In addition, we develop an evaluation tool for brachytherapy plans as well as an inverse planning system based on radiobiological optimization.

Innovative product:
The new product will integrate our existing organ-specific solutions (i.e. OcP & OcG) and furthermore will integrate:
- Advanced rabiobiological optimizer for dose calculation and needle placement
- Inverse planning based on radiobiological models
- Organ library with radiobiology models and model parameters
- Radiobiology based evaluation tools
- Handling of multiple imaging information resulting from CT, MRI and 2D & 3D U/S as well as any combination of those in a framework of multi-modal imaging
·         Pi-Medical Ltd – (coordinator)
·         MedCom GmbH –
·         Technological Educational Institute of Athens – (subcontractor)