Pi Medical imports, distributes and supports in Greece and Cyprus, a number of high technology, medical software and hardware devices for cancer treatment.


Flexibility, speed and accuracy are the most significant advantages that Oncentra Prostate offers over other prostate treatment planning systems. It offers you great flexibility to use the system within your real-time workflow, and the possibility to plan using ultrasound, CT and MR images. Speed of contouring and optimization features also reduce the total treatment time or the time spent in the operating room. The enhanced accuracy provided by the very large range of inverse optimization options enables you to create a highly conformal plan. This product was developed by Pi Medical and Medcom.


Dedicated to treatment of gynecologic cancers, Oncentra GYN offers you a dynamic environment that is specially designed for image guided intracavitary/interstitial brachytherapy. The software contains an applicator library of gynecologic applicators for accurate and fast applicator reconstruction, using the scanned applicator surface in relation to the source pathway. Oncentra GYN fully supports GEC ESTRO recommendations via predefined optimization- and evaluation settings. Besides the user-friendliness of the system, thanks to the latest optimization techniques, the software is fast, flexible and accurate. This enables you to adjust Oncentra GYN to your own daily clinical routine. This product was developed by Pi Medical and MedCom.


ProSoma is a 3D virtual simulator for external beam radiation therapy providing tools to support clinicians’ decision making through the use of enhanced visualization of the patient data set and treatment parameters. 3D visualization displays provide an excellent overview of the patient’s anatomy. In addition, the relation between treatment beams and tumor can be investigated in detail using ProSoma’s navigation tools



BiopSee® is a single system for total prostate diagnosis & (local) therapy plan.




VTR - Virtual Treatment Room is a software product offering a virtual environment for visualisation and validation of radiotherapy set-ups, patient set-up and treatment delivery including anticollision registration and information tools. This product was developed by Pi Medical.




Quality control tools for radiation oncology. A set  of  phantoms and trays, specially designed to ensure quality according to standards. The design is based on multi years experience  of experts in the field of radio oncology.