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BiopSee® integrates a single system for total prostate diagnosis & (local) therapy plan.

Morphological Imaging

  • Integrated U/S device dedicated to prostate
  • 2D & 3D U/S
  • Automatic fusion with MRI
  • Color Doppler (neurovascular bundles)

Morpho-Pathological Imaging

  • Tissue characterization (HistoScaning®)
  • Tissue Vascularisation (angio-mode doppler)
  • Dynamic Contrast Enhancement – DCE (contrast agents)Tissue differentiation (Elastography)
Functional Imaging
  • Fusion with MRI-Spectroscopy, Dynamic MR Imaging, PET, PET-CT, SPECT
  • Protocol-supported systematic biopsy (grid)
  • Navigated targeted biopsy

Transperineal Biopsy

1. Accuracy:

  • Avoiding deformation of prostate
  • Enabling multi-modal registration during biopsy
  • Rigid vs. flexible needles
  • 3D U/S acquisition after needle insertion
  • Image guided needle placement using sagital and transaxial U/S planes
2. Accessibility of ANY region of the prostate
3. Biopsy for local recurrences after previous therapy e.g. after radiotherapy
4. Protocol-supported systematic biopsy (grid)


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