Oncentra Prostate

 Oncentra Prostate™ (former known as SWIFT)system provides the user with a dedicated 3D planning system for HDR Prostate Treatment. Transversal ultrasound images are captured, using a standard stepper unit and ultrasound system, and transformed into 3D information. This is used to determine the optimal implant geometry and to guide the user during the insertion of the needles. The optimal treatment plan is created while the patient is still in the operating room!

Nucletron's Oncentra Prostate™ is a unique and exciting brachytherapy treatment planning system ideal for Prostate treatment using the microSelectron© HDR remote afterloading system.

Nucletron's Oncentra Prostate™ is easily placed within the procedure room and displays both 2D & 3D volumes for 3D planning of the prostate treatment. It also offers real time visualization of the needle placement during surgical implantation.

With Oncentra Prostate™ you create a conformal treatment plan during the implantation procedure which opens the possibility to give the first treatment while the patient is still in the operating room. The new system combines Nucletron's strengths as a world leader in brachytherapy with the convenience of Ultrasound Imaging to improve the speed and effectiveness of the prostate cancer treatment.

New algorithms, optimized for speed and accuracy, and stepper enhancements enable the user to acquire the 3D ultrasound information and calculate the necessary optimization and evaluation information within seconds. Oncentra Prostate™ is the fastest route to the first fraction!

Oncentra Prostate™ was developed by Pi Medical and MedCom, and is distributed by Nucletron. The first version of Oncentra Prostate™ (under the commercial name SWIFT) hited the world market in 2002 while the last version, Oncentra Prostate™ 3.1, is available from September 2008. During these years, more than 60 clinics in 20 countries are using Oncentra Prostate in everyday clinical practise.



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