ProSoma provides tools to support clinicians' decision making through the use of enhanced visualization of the patient data set and treatment parameters.

3D visualization displays provide an excellent overview of the patient’s anatomy. In addition, the relation between treatment beams and tumor can be investigated in detail using ProSoma’s navigation tools. All this unique functionality is provided to the clinics to aim at the overall improvement of the RT simulation process.

3D simulation software, using CT, MR and PET images on which can be virtually simulated any technique for any make or model of treatment machine and MLC.

Its imaging tools are unique. Visualization and link of 3D and 2D anatomy for simple 3D evaluation, in ways that are really clinically beneficial, whether performing simple palliative or complex radical treatments.

As a system independent of scanner, TPS, EPID, R&V, ProSoma is the most inter-connectable radiotherapy device on the market today. It is regularly the link between all the many and varied systems typically present in a radiotherapy department. From block cutters to PACS, from 2D SIM images to PET scans, to 3D dose review and IGRT verification of the future, ProSoma is a proven communicator.



  • Palliative Simulation
  • Contour in 3D
  • Compare EPIs with DRRs
  • Compare SIM images with DRRs
  • Review DOSE on fused images
  • IGRT image verification
  • 3D Image Fusion
  • Connectivity with other systems
  • Wide Area Networking

ProSoma is developed by MedCom.


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