Quality control tools for radiation oncology



3D Matrix Phantom (Baltas Phantom): 3D-Matrix-Phantom for testing of the reconstruction accuracy in brachytherapy.





Universal Phantom: The Universal Phantom was developed for practical implementation of the test procedures described in DIN 6846 (1992) and 6847 (1998) regarding quality criteria for gamma and medical electron accelerators tretment units.




Brachy-Phantom: This PMMA phantom was developed specially for quality control procedures in remote controlled afterloading.





Semianthropomorphes Thorax Phantoms: This phantom was developed for efficient and effective quality control of treatment planning systems according to DIN 6873. It is roughly (but however sufficiently exact for the scope) adapted to the human thorax anatomy. It consists of a PMMA made body (rel. electron density=1,15), lung tissue made of PU foam of the density 0.30 g/cm3 and bony structures made of POM (rel. electron density=1,36). In the region of mediastinum there is a drilling for the position of an ionization chamber for dose and dose rate measurements. Four aluminum wires in the corners serve as 'fiducial markers'. Furthermore this phantom can be used for the quality control of the entire treatment planning procedure.


 Trays: Block trays in various implementations for all common accelerator and coding systems.