Phantom by Dr. Baltas

This PMMA phantom was developed specially for quality control procedures in remote controlled afterloading and has been tried and tested in many German hospitals.

The phantom is a modular system so that users can choose their own special system configuration for their application out of the basic system and the two options ,,complete autoradiography” and ,,dosimetry”. An extension of the system is possible at any time. The mechanical assembly technique construction of this phantom allows an easy, rapid and wide application in the clinical routine work performed within the scope of such constancy test programs.





Technical data 

  • Basic system: external dimensions: 300mm x 380mm x 40mm, weight: 5.2 kg
  • Storage and carrying case: external dimensions 460mm x 370mm x 127mm, weight: 4.0 kg


Brachy Phantom Flyer417.29 KB