Universal Phantom

 The Universal Phantom was developed for practical implementation of the test procedures described in DIN 6846 and 6847 (1998) for quality criteria for gamma and medical electron accelerators tretment units. Beyond that, the new phantom offers a flexible equipment for service attitudes and constancy test of functional performance characteristics of radiotherapy simulators (DIN 6847, 2003). The modular structure of the entire system makes a fast, flexible and effective check procedure possible.

It enables the testing of light field - radiation field coincidence, the coincidence of opposite fields, the coincidence of machine (X-ray) isocenter to room lasers, position and dimensions of beam isocenter utilizing the star pattern method, dose and dose rate stability over the rotation range of the gantry (full angle range) and much, much more.

For using it with radiotherapy simulators there exist a lot of accessories and adapters with embeded radiopaque markers enabling test procedures for both fluoroscopic and radiographic mode.




Base plate

Simple and secure positioning on the table top of the linear accelerator, cobalt unit or radiotehrapy simulator due to the extremely  anti-skid rubber foots.

 Easy to adjust both using the light field and the built-in water level for adjustements on the horizontal plane



Top frame slices

Top frame consisting of two specially designed slabs made by PMMA, enabling the insertion of any ready packed film for testing the isocenter sphere utilizing the star pattern technique. Engravings on the slabs facillitate an easy adjustement of the top frame and the special mechanism at the centre of the slabs enables an easy marking of the laser isconter on the film.



 Cylinder top frame

Top frame enabling the testing of the position of the isocentre under fluoroscopy on radiotherapy simulators and also on kV-imaging devices mounted on linera accelerators. Using an appropriate adapter this cylinder top frame can be used for testing the stability of the dose or dose rate in dependence on the gantry angle. Adapters for the majority of commercially available ionization chambers are provided.



Extension arm with a cylinder top frame

The extension arm has been specially designed to fit on the base plate having at its end the cylinder phantom mounted. In this way the full 360° range for the gantry rotation can be utilized for testing the isocentre position under fluoroscopy or for testing the stability of the dose or dose rate in dependence on gantry angle.