Research projects

Pi Medical has been involved in R&D projects funded by the Greek Government (General Secretariat for Research & Technology -GSRT-) as well as from the EU. Many ideas resulted to products  had  their origin in these  projects.

  • MUST: Multidimensional Ultra Sonic Tomography
  • BORI: New methods in modern Brachytherapy for 3D Optimization, 3D Reconstruction and Inverse planning.
  • ARIS: An Anticollision Registration and Information System for Radiation Therapy.
  • MITTUG: Minimal Invasive Therapy for Tumors 3D Ultrasound guided.
  • OPTIWAND - Inverse Optimierung von Lärmschutzwanddimensionen

Running projects:

  • CEIROS - Cutting Edge Interventional Radiooncology Optimization Software (EUROSTARS)